"arty" friends...

Many thanks to Greg Huddleston over at The Piedmont Virginian Magazine for telling our story in the Arts in the Piedmont edition.... 

For a couple of years I've been meeting monthly with 8 other artists.  We are two photographers, six painters, and a musician.   We range in age from 30-something to 50-something and just happen to all be women. We evolved into "Synergia."

Our round-table meetings grew out of a workshop sponsored by Piedmont Council for the Arts with Jessica Thayer acting as facilitator helping the group meld. We cover all things art-related...both technical, such as "color" to more philosophical, "what is art? what is success as an artist?"

1_Synergia - Artists Evolving_Photos.jpg

Piedmont Council for the Arts invited us to exhibit in the Spring of 2013. In the months proceeding this exhibit our support of each other's individual art-making took on a communal focus as we worked together to create our group show, which we named "Synergia: Artists Evolving."

Synergia was born to support each individual in professional growth....but the individual commitment to meeting monthly, listening and empathizing with one another, and working together on our group show bore more fruit than just for the individual. We are friends evolving. 

I'm posting a link to The Piedmont Virginian Magazine, where we are featured among Arts in the Piedmont. Many thanks to Greg Huddleston and his good co-workers at The Piedmont Virginian for being interested in Synergia's evolution.

Synergia is Meg West,  Stacey Evans, Peggy Harrison,  Tammy Reynolds Citron,  Madeline Holly Sales, Ellen Hathaway, Julia Kindred, Judith Ely, Margaret Embree.

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