Do I know you?

I didn't recognize you_20x20.jpg

I like this painting....but when it appeared on the canvas in my studio about a year ago....I didn't recognize it and painted over it.

The only evidence that this painting ever lived is in this photograph because now it is an underpainting for another. I did not give this painting time and space to be because it didn't look like what I was used to seeing on the canvas in front of me. That is what happens when one moves to an unfamiliar place. It is so easy to walk into grocery stores, restaurants, drive down streets and long to see something familiar. To look so hard for something or someone that I recognize that I miss the magic of the new, the unfamiliar. I am so focused on trying to see something I recognize that my eyes are unable to see freshly. Moving to a new town is much like moving into new imagery on the canvas. It is so easy to try and hold onto the familiar that scales cover my eyes. I miss new friends, experiences and imagery simply because I haven't given myself the time and space to become acquainted!

Ellen HathawayComment