sensuous rhythms of intense color, palpable texture, and mixed media

"I want to create beautiful space - an intimately personal interpretation alive with sensuous rhythms of intense color, palpable texture, and mixed media. "

Ellen Hathaway


Abstract Non-Objective

Beginning with mark making, gestures, or color choices then responding intuitively, adding and subtracting throughout the process, as my imagination is stirred and pictures come awake in my mind. 


Abstract Flora

Organic gestures and motifs composed with associative color choices are resonate of nature. These are not botanical renderings to tell about the flower, instead, to share my reactions.

Abstract Horizons

Particular compositional weights and palettes often speak universally, and the "horizon" can invite us to someplace in our imaginations

For me, painting is about celebrating new life, where endings flow into beginnings. It makes me feel alive and is one way to pray. I'd love to share more about my art story  or CV with you. 

And I would love to connect, either with a visit to my Studio in Raleigh, NC or via email . And I know the galleries representing me would love to show you my paintings.

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